by Kelli Lage

I was giddy with anticipation. I couldn’t sleep the night before. They had found a home for me. I don’t know how they did it, but my new parents were coming to pick me up today.

I had so many thoughts and questions running through my head. I didn’t know how to express them to those around me, so I just chased my tail to try to find answers. It was bittersweet. Every young puppy has to leave their mom and siblings, but we do it with so much joy in our hearts because we know what lies ahead is far greater.

I didn’t have a name yet. I wondered what they would call me. It didn’t matter as long as they never stopped calling it. Even when I mess up. I mean, I don’t know much yet. One thing I do know though is how to love. Oh, I haven’t been around long at all, but I do love with my whole heart. That is something I know for certain.

I don’t even know them yet, but I already have the desire to make sure they stay happy. I think I will do a little wiggle for them when they get here to kick off the smiles.

My caramel eyes peered around the corner. It’s hard to know when to expect people when you can’t tell time. I’m quite small too, I mean I was just born 12 weeks ago, so it’s hard to see around the bend. I wonder if they are thinking about this moment as much as I am? I sure hope so. I’d only been awake for a few hours, but before I knew it I was dozing off with images of my new home dancing around my head.

I was awoken by the sound of a pickup pulling into the driveway. I heard laughs and excited voices filling the air, then finally, footsteps toward me. My heart stirred, causing a pitter-patter of exhilaration to rush through me.

When they walked up to me, it was as if I had never known anything else. As I was swept up into my human’s arms it felt like something that had been set in motion long before either of us knew how fulfilling it would be. Destiny. As my mom held me in her arms, I looked up. Generous brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. My dad began to pat my head. Kind hazel eyes. You can tell a lot about humans by their eyes, and as soon as I saw theirs I had a good feeling.

That was over four years ago. They gave me the name Cedar, by the way, and I enjoy it. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a good name, or because my soul is happy whenever I hear them call for me. It may mean we are going somewhere or that they just want to pat me on the head.

My humans keep me happy, and I know I do the same for them. I see it in the little ways they look at me, or pet me, or cuddle me extra tight. My parents picked me, yet little do they know, if I had spotted them first in a group of other humans, I would have run right up to them and picked them too.

Cedar was featured on the July/August 2019 cover of Just Labs.

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