Kibble Pet

Love traveling with your pup? This Silky Coat Travel Kit contains all five of your favorite Silky Coat products in two ounce bottles so you can bring it anywhere: Silky Coat Grooming Shampoo, Silky Coat Grooming Conditioner, Brush-in Shine Waterless Shampoo, Silky Coat Miracle Dematter, and Silky Coat Light Leave-in. Take your pick of two fragrances: aloe vera & honey or warm vanilla & amber. MSRP: $35. The Soothing Wipes were designed to clean dirty fur, behinds, and paws while naturally calming and conditioning! 100 percent biodegradable, hypoallergenic, plant based, cruelty and fragrance free. MSRP: $5



With 600 lumens, the MT6 flashlight is sure to extend any activity. With an energy saving mode, transportation lock, and battery status display, you will always know how long you have left in your batteries. MSRP: $60. The MH6 rechargeable lightweight headlamp is built for the extremes. With an Advanced Focusing System and temperature control system, you are sure to be ready for any outdoor adventure. With only a four-hour recharge time, having 200 lumens will be ready for you anytime you need it. A Temperature Control System will continue to cool the LED for constant maximum lumen output. This headlamp comes with a transportation lock and can be dimmed. MSRP: $50. Perfect for campers, geocachers, and hunters, the 100 lumen MH2 headlamp is perfect for all outdoor activities. Includes Rapid Focus, a transportation lock, energy saving mode, and Smart Light Technology. MSRP: $25

Ice Ball Dog Toy

Fill it, freeze it and let the games begin! The knotted tassels make this dog toy easy to grip for a rousing game of tug-of-war or for throwing and fetching. It’s also a cold, refreshing chew toy on a hot day. Why the AKC likes it: Safer than plastic water bottles and a lot more fun. This dog toy is not only ideal for fetching and tugging, but the icy filling will cool your canine playmate off on a hot day. It also satisfies dogs who like to chew. Best of all, you can fill it and freeze it repeatedly. MSRP: $17.99


Poochie-Pets PoochieBells

PoochieBells® dog potty training doorbells are available in Italian grade upholstery leather, premium cotton webbing, or grosgrain ribbon to match any décor. Lead free, smooth, and safe, these reinforced bells are designed especially for your pooch. Look for our Paw Print insignia designating a true PoochieBells®.  Each PoochieBells® comes complete with two sets of bells as shown, measures approximately 26 inches from your doorknob. Easy, proven training instructions are included. MSRP: $17.99-$24.99


Pride Bites

Keep your dog cozy and warm with Pride Bite’s Sherpa / fleece blanket. The combo of ultra-soft fleece and fuzzy Sherpa cotton will give your dog the best of both worlds. They’re stylish, elegant, machine washable, and make the perfect gift this holiday season. You can personalize the blanket with your dog’s name and photo. Available in regular and large. MSRP: $54.99-$59.99. Pride Bite’s Custom Bone Placemats are essential for mealtime. They’re padded, stain resistant, and the ultra-soft fleece soaks up spills with ease. The non-slip bottom holds the mat in place while your dog eats. They’re also machine washable and easy to clean! Choose a color or pattern, then personalize it with your dog’s name and photo. Available in regular and large. MSRP: $24.95 -$29.95


Snap Bolt Leash and a Dog ID/Tag clip

The Snap Bolt Leash is made of colored 550 paracord using the four-strand round brain design has a solid antique brass snap bolt. The handle is double wrapped to provide extra padding. It’s soft but extremely durable and flexible. Available in three, four, five, and six feet. Many colors available. MSRP: $25.00. The ID Tag Holder is quick and easy to put on, take off, move from collar to collar, or even hang on a wire crate, your belt loop, and pretty much anywhere space allows. You can add more split rings if you so choose. Choose from a variety of colors, made with 325 and 95 paracord. Mildew proof, won’t shrink or fade. Plastic clips are nice and tight. All holders are approximately 6 inches total and are a ¼ inch or ½ inch in width. MSRP: $5.99


In the Company of Dogs

The dog-pleasing HuggleHounds® Candy Cane Tuffut Toy, in corduroy plush and velveteen stripes, is as indestructible as any toy can be, with Tuffut Technology™ lining that withstands over 100 lbs. of tugging. Supersized (23 inches long) has an endless squeaker that keeps on squeaking even if punctured. MSRP: Large $12.95; Supersized $29.95. Protect your car’s interior while providing luxe comfort for you and your dog with HuggleFleece Car Seat Protectors. Dense, high-pile HuggleFleece synthetic sheepskin looks and feels like the real thing, is naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating, resists stains and bacteria, wicks away moisture, and feels cool in summer and warm in winter. Waterproof liner. Micro suede backing. Straps remove to machine wash. No stuffing to clump or lump; feels better after each wash. Bench cover features a protective flap that extends over the front edge of the seat. Order anytime: or 1-800-544-4595. MSRP: Bench $149; Hammock $169; Front Seat $79.95

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