By Jessica Salazar

Sally came into our world at 10 weeks old. Creating a bond with her came easily; as for the training, that became a challenge at times. The bonds that Sally created from the beginning are unbreakable. We can’t imagine how many more unbreakable bonds she will continue to create.

From the day Sally arrived to our lives, she completely changed every aspect of it. She came to teach us how to become responsible, considerate, and  compassionate. Our time and dedication were devoted to her.  The first year with her we were able to create an incredible bond.

The training process began the first day. One of the  major things that needed attention and consistency was potty training. We decided to introduced the bell training method to potty train. We hung the bell from the back door knob. The first time we physically grabbed her paw and hit the bell to open the door and let her go outside. As we walked outside with her we would say, “Go potty, Sally.” Throughout the day we guided her to the door every time she started to sniff around. Once she would ring the bell to go outside and potty. When coming back inside she received a treat for ringing the bell. The challenge of ringing the bell to go potty was accomplished within a couple of days. The chewing and digging were habits that seemed to take an eternity to get rid of. She would chew on the café table, bolsters, and edges of the kitchen cabinets. We continued to be consistent and reward her when she wouldn’t chew on the furniture. As the months went by, Sally learned commands and basic obedience skills.

At the age of one, Sally became a big sister to our precious baby girl, Alexa. The day Alexa would come home was anxiously approaching. We couldn’t stop thinking about Sally. What would her reaction be? Would she be sad? Is she going to misbehave? Will she accept Alexa? All the questions and anxiety that stressed us faded away as soon as we introduced them to each other. Sally attained the role of a protective sister right away. She behaved so calmly that she wouldn’t leave Alexa’s side.

Even though Sally was still a puppy herself,  she learned to create a new bond with someone who has become her best friend forever.

Throughout the early stages of Alexa’s life, Sally and she learned to interact with each another. During tummy time, Sally would nudge the rattles over to Alexa. The crawling stage was an adventure they both enjoyed. Sally would get on her belly next to Alexa and drag herself to the objects they were both trying to reach. As the walking stage approached, Sally would ensure that her little sister didn’t wonder off to the stairs. Following Alexa around and being her daily companion became the norm.

Sally became Alexa’s companion, protector, and  best friend. Alexa is 20 months old, and Sally is two years old. Their bond has become unbreakable. They enjoy running around in the backyard, playing fetch, going for a swims, and  watching movies to relax. They have created many special memories together, and as they continue to grow their friendship gets stronger. We’re anxiously waiting to see what other new adventures Sally and Alexa will have as they grow older.

They’re too young to realize what a friendship is, but over time they will realize how much love they have for each other. This unbreakable bond will last Sally’s lifetime and will forever have a special place in Alexa’s heart.

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