Happy Lab

Their happiness is in our hands.

By Jillian LaCross


The End of the Road

Dealing with a Lab’s final days.

By Don Thomas


In Tribute


In Their Debt

Labor of love.

By Jen Reeder


Citizen Lab

Some realities of training.

By Amy Dahl


Heads & Tails

By Tom Goldsmith



Bad hair days.

By Chip Laughton


Subscriber Photos



Every owner’s nightmare.

By Jacqueline Fowler


On Duty

Key investigators of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

By Paula Piatt



Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith


Why Labs Do That

Eating habits.

By Tom Davis


The Vet Clinic


By Dr. Ben Character


Halloween Contest Winners!


The World According to Junior

A story about a swimming pool.

By Junior Watson

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