Just Labs September/OctoberAirborne Labs

Flying the Lab friendly skies?

By Paula Piatt


With a Scratch and a Shake: Ear Infections

The curse of the Labrador ears.

By Andrea Dorn


Estate Planning for Your Lab

Who will take care of him?

By CJ Puotinen


Reading with Confidence

Thanks to a Lab.

By Ellen Ryan


Labs and Stand-up Paddleboards

The basics.

By Hailey Hudson


The Vet Clinic

Is your dog food killing his heart?

By Dr. Ben J. Character



Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith


Water Works

Staying safe in the water.

By Tom Goldsmith


In Their Debt

Project2Heal… bred for service.

By Jen Reeder


Citizen Lab

Problem-solving in no-force retrieving.

By Amy Dahl



Get with the program.

By Chip Laughton


The World According to Junior

The best part of car rides.

By Junior Watson

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