In TributeSeptember/October 2018


Companion, Pet, or Working Partner?
For many of us, our Labs can be all three.
By Don Thomas


All Aboard
Riding trains with a service dog.
By Kiesa Kay


Pesky Passengers
Illustrations by Tom Goldsmith


Citizen Lab
Bonding with your rescue Lab.
By Amy Dahl


In Their Debt
Run, Bella, Run.
By Jen Reeder


Don’t glare at me, Part 2.
By Chip Laughton


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Lab 101: The Best Service Dogs
Why Labs are the most suited for the role.
By Hailey Hudson


The Vet Clinic
Armed against sepsis.
By Dr. Ben Character


Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith


Why Labs Do That
Defined by a single word.
By Tom Davis


5 Easy Tips to Engage Your Lab
How to keep your Lab’s attitude upbeat.
By Valerie Wolf


The World According to Junior
The Mister gets a letter from the vet.
By Junior Watson


Product Review: Gunner Kennels
By Jake Smith

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