Tricked Out

An event for Labs to show their smarts.

By Cindy Howle


Don’t Label Your Lab

A dog’s potential can be limitless.

By Valerie Wolf


In Tribute


In Their Debt

Professor Paws at the University of Oklahoma.

By Jen Reeder


Citizen Lab

Q&A: Loud noises, aggression, and dominance.

By Amy Dahl


Christmas Spirit

By Tom Goldsmith



When the weather outside is frightful. 

By Chip Laughton


Subscriber Photos


9 Medical Reasons Your Lab Shakes

Paying attention could save your Lab’s life.

By Tina O’Reilly


Rewriting One Lab’s Future

You can’t change a dog’s past…

By Judith Harch



Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith


Why Labs Do That

The dark phase.

By Tom Davis


The Vet Clinic

Gastric dilatation volvulus. 

By Dr. Ben Character


Family, A Photo Essay

Photos by Steve Birds / Text by Jill Perovich


The World According to Junior

Cats and cat people.

By Junior Watson

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