Combating Doggy Odors
Oh the smells we smell…
By Jillian LaCross

Preventing Lyme Disease
It’s that time of year again.
By Hailey Hudson

Do you suffer?
By Steve Smith

Getting on the Clean Team
Time for a wash!
By Tom Goldsmith

Take a Minute
Acclimation training.
By Cynthia Howle

Rules for Working from Home
What we can learn from the Lab.
A Photo Essay

Treating Cancerous Tumors
A new option.
By Andrea Dorn

Citizen Lab
Trained dog = happy dog.
By Amy Dahl

In Their Debt
Having a ball while saving the world.
By Jen Reeder

Why Labs Do That
When wolves play fetch.
By Tom Davis

In Tribute

Subscriber Photos

The Vet Clinic
Heartworm update.
By Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
Dog versus Cat versus “Dogs.”
By Junior Watson

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