Back Roads and Highways

Traveling with your Lab in an RV.

By Jillian LaCross


Living with Your Dog’s Addison’s Disease

It started with a single symptom.

By Glenn Chapman


In Tribute


In Their Debt

Retriever rivalry.

By Jen Reeder


Citizen Lab

Opportunity and habit formation. 

By Amy Dahl



Text by Jake Smith / Photo by Matt Stich



Back to backgrounds. 

By Chip Laughton


Subscriber Photos


Fun with Your Lab

Farm Dog Certified.

By Cynthia Howle


Hot Dogs

Illustrations by Tom Goldsmith



Why Labs Do That

Scratch that itch. 

By Tom Davis


The Vet Clinic

Unquenchable thirst. 

By Dr. Ben Character


The World According to Junior

Some advice. 

By Junior Watson

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