May/June 2017
Volume 17 • Number 1

Conversational Labrador 101
How large should a Lab’s vocabulary be?
By Don Thomas


In Tribute


In Their Debt
The buzz around Mack the bee dog.
By Jen Reeder


Citizen Lab     
Teaching your Lab to heel.
By Amy Dahl


Diggs Goes to Gram’s and Pop’s
By Tom Goldsmith


Puppy pics.
By Chip Laughton


Subscriber Photos


Food Therapy
Alternative medicine for your Lab.
By Paula Piatt


Above and Beyond
Legendary Lab Endal.
By Brian Marshall


Photos by Matt Stich
Text by Jason Smith


Why Labs Do That
Old timers.
By Tom Davis


Fun with Your Lab
Run, Walk, Swim
By Jillian LaCross


The Vet Clinic
By Dr. Ben Character


The World According to Junior
The Big Three.
By Junior Watson

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