Citizen Lab
Teaching hold and delivery to hand, part 2.
By Amy Dahl

In Their Debt
Hockey dogs.
By Jen Reeder

In Tribute

The Vet Clinic
Did you know…?
By Dr. Ben J. Character

Mast Cell Tumors
Biology gone awry.
By Andrea Dorn

A Foundation of Greatness
Building blocks for pups.
By Bob and Jody Iler

Puppy Nutrition
Not just any food will do.
By Laura Card

Bones and Beyond
The good, the bad, and the ugly of chewing Labs.
By Don Thomas

They Make Us Smile
It’s never too late.
By Jack Hirt

Why Labs Do That
It’s in the genes.
By Tom Davis

Subscriber Photos

I Like My Lab Because…
By Tom Goldsmith

The World According to Junior
Ah, shedding.
By Junior Watson

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