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Helping Hands
Hand signals can be useful at home.
By Don Thomas

Immune-mediated Hemolytic Anemia
Mocha’s story.
By Andrea Dorn

Citizen Lab
Behavior Q&A.
By Amy Dahl

In Their Debt
Dog Is Good.
By Jen Reeder

The Vet Clinic
By Dr. Ben Character

A helping hand.
By Chip Laughton

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Saving Money on Your Lab
A large breed dog can mean large expenses.
By Hailey Hudson

Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith

Tough as Nails
Illustrations by Tom Goldsmith

Fun with Your Lab
On the trail: how to hike with your Lab.
By Sara Sheehy

Why Labs Do That
Knee problems.
By Tom Davis

Incidental Service Dogs
Labs have a knack.
By Sue Alexander

The World According to Junior
Junior and JJ are in the wedding party.
By Junior Watson

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