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Welcome to the world of the family Labrador retriever – the black, yellow, or chocolate dog who sleeps on the good furniture when you aren’t looking; who greets you at the door each evening after work with a soggy tennis ball; and who follows you from room to room, always close, in case you need a friendly ear to scratch. Labs are our pets, partners, and protectors, and no “quality family time” is complete without them. Does this sound like your dog? Then Just Labs is your magazine!

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Let Just Labs join you in the celebration, the training, the humor, the health, the tributes, the essays and photos and fun and learning… there is more to life with a Lab than just filling the food bowl. And we show you – in every issue.


Our Story

There’s a reason why the Labrador retriever has been the top AKC-registered breed in America for the last two decades. A unique and special fellowship begins when that little (or full-grown) black, yellow, or chocolate fur ball crosses your threshold. Life for both of you will never be the same.

That’s what we celebrate in Just Labs, an award-winning, nationally recognized magazine that covers all aspects of the life of the Labrador retriever – your Labrador retriever. Based on the phenomenally popular book of the same name, Just Labs looks at not just life with a pet or life with a dog… but life with a Lab. It’s singular, it’s special, and once you have a Lab – and read Just Labs – you’ll never be without one either.

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