In Tribute

Inside Out

And sometimes, outside in.

By Don Thomas

Bionic Dog

How orthotics and prosthetics are changing lives.

By Jillian LaCross

Citizen Lab

Using distractions to build reliability.

By Amy Dahl

In Their Debt

The Do Good Dog.

By Jen Reeder


Don’t glare on me, part 1.

By Chip Laughton

Subscriber Photos

Battling Osteosarcoma

One Lab’s journey.

By Anna O’Brien DVM


Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith

Ah… the Vet

A comical experience of our annual checkup.

By Chris Smith

Why Labs Do That

Keen of hearing.

By Tom Davis 

The Vet Clinic

CORA-based cruciate ligament repair.

By Dr. Ben Character

Junk Food

Illustrations by Tom Goldsmith

The World According to Junior

Pop’s getting old.

By JJ Watson

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