Cruciate Digits

Preventing stifle joint injuries.

By Kirk Brumels, PhD, ATC


Fun With Your Lab

Beginning AKC Scent Work.

By Cindy Howle


In Their Debt

Puppies with a purpose.

By Jen Reeder


Citizen Lab

One command, two actions.

By Amy Dahl


At Your Service

Illustrated by Tom Goldsmith



Memories: What each click is all about.

By Chip Laughton


14 Items to Pack in Your Canine Emergency First-Aid Kit

By Erin Mullen


Subscriber Photos



Photo by Matt Stitch / Text by Jake Smith


Why Labs Do That

Deciphering the wag.

By Tom Davis


Don’t Give Up on Gus

A rocky start has a fairy tale ending.

By Jim Cotsana


Lab Therapy

Having a dog around goes a long way.

By Jeannie Fleming-Gifford


The Vet Clinic


By Ben Character, DVM


The World According to Junior

The cone of shame.  

By Junior Watson

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