In Tribute


A photo essay.

Text by Doug and Lori Thomas

Good News

Veterinarians share health advances that offer hope for Labrador lovers.

By Jen Reeder

Citizen Lab

Control On-Leash.

By Amy Dahl

In Their Debt

Lab Lifeguard.

By Jen Reeder


Shoot More, Edit Less.

By Chip Laughton

Subscriber Photos

Taking a Smart Walk

Tips for improvement.

By Cindy Howle


Photo by Matt Stich / Text by Jake Smith

Why Labs


By Tom Davis

Raising a Newsroom Puppy

Changing lives has a ripple effect.

By Ellen Ryan

Bad Breath

Illustrations by Tom Goldsmith

 The Vet Clinic

The inforamtion superhighway.

By Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior

Junior’s disappointment with JJ.

By Junior Watson

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