March/April 2017
Volume 16 • Number 6

7 Beach Destinations for You and Your Lab
Dog friendly escapes around the U.S.
by John Cagle

In Tribute

In Their Debt
Liberating Labs.
by Jen Reeder

Citizen Lab
The foundation of learning: readiness to learn.
by Amy Dahl

Water Hazards
by Tom Goldsmith

Camera questions.
by Chip Laughton

Subscriber Photos

A Team Forever
Life for a service dog after death.
by June Kempf

Puppy Play
A Photo Essay

Five Benefits of Training in a Group
Transform your Lab into a good citizen.
by Cynthia Howle

Why Labs Do That
Puppy potpourri.
by Tom Davis

Hair of the Dog
Nothing sheds like a Lab.
by Don Thomas

The Vet Clinic
Time for a trim.
by Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
Tips for warding off winter boredom.
by Junior Watson

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