January/February 2017
Volume 16 • Number 5

An exhilarating sport for all.
by Jillian LaCross

Crazy Time
Keeping your Lab busy.
By Kat Ainsworth

In Their Debt
Good Dogs!
by Jen Reeder

Citizen Lab
The order of training.
by Amy Dahl

Garbage Gut
by Tom Goldsmith

Portraits and the rule of thirds.
by Chip Laughton

Subscriber Photos

Under the Weather? Or Signs of Old Age?
How to distinguish the difference.
by Freedom Chevalier

In Tribute

Is It Valley Fever?
Symptoms and treatment.
by Jacqueline Fowler

Why Labs Do That
Lab myths.
by Tom Davis

Guard Duty
A Photo Essay

The Vet Clinic
Cartilage problems.
by Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
Exit stories.
by Junior Watson

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