September / October 2008


Helping the Senior Lab Learn
Beyond just teaching an old dog a new trick.
by Stephen C. Rafe

The ABCs of Back to School
Twenty-six things for working or stay-at-home parents to do with their Labs when the kids go back to school.
by Jason Smith

Don’t Let Them Sit
A photo essay
The worst thing you can do for an aging Lab is let them lie there and grow old

New Kid / Old Kid
About the time youˊre reading this, Iˊll be walking in the door with my new Lab pup.
by Steve Smith

Ah, the Joys of Aging
Problems to be aware of in aging Labradors – and tips for making them comfortable.
by Dionne Obesso

Halloween Costume Contest Results

Why So Finicky?

How can you tell if your dog is just being a finicky eater, or if itˊs a sign of something more serious?
by Dr. Dave Erlewein

The Other Person’s Lab

How to compliment the other personˊs hammerhead Lab.
by David Schultz

In Their Debt
by Shelley Bueche
At the ready.

Citizen Lab
by Amy Dahl
Children and dogs.

Drill of the (every other) Month
by Vickie Lamb
Fun with marking.

Why Labs Do That
by Tom Davis
Old dog quirks.

The Vet Clinic
by Dr. Ben Character

Just Labs – Just For Kids
by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith
Some fun facts about your Lab you might not have known.

The BBS Says!…

Subscriber Photos

In Tribute

The World According to Junior
by Junior Watson
NO matter what happens in the upcoming election, Junior loses.

Above & Beyond

“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

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