March / April 2007


Raising a Rambunctious Puppy
Lab pups are anything but bumps on a log. How do you deal with a hyper puppy?
by Stephen C. Rafe

Pavlovˊs Revenge
Don’t move.
by Paula Piatt

Are You Getting the Itch?
A photo essay by Mike Carney
Who can resist?

Get Up, Lazy Lab!
Start the spring off right by getting your Lab – and yourself – back in shape for a fun summer!
by Jason Smith

Tiny Tick, Big Bite
Daisy deals with Lyme disease.
by Jill Pertler

The Neighbor
by David Schultz

Q & A
So you’ve got a new pup…

The BBS Says!…
The one trait my Lab has/one thing my Lab does that drives me crazy is…

Subscriber Photos

Sorta Stupid Lab Tricks

The World According to Junior
by Junior Watson
Fun games to make March go faster.

Subscriber Photos

In Their Debt
by Shelley Bueche
Helping the helpers.

Citizen Lab
by Amy Dahl
Obedience training with an e-collar.

Drill of the (every other) Month
by Vickie Lamb
Our new column provides yard training drills to get the most out of your Lab.

Why Labs Do That
by Tom Davis
A whole lotta shakinˊ.

The Vet Clinic
by Dr. Ben Character
Scratch attack.

Just Labs – Just For Kids
by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith
Two sides to shake.

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