March / April 2006


New Puppy Handbook
Thereˊs a long life ahead for that little ball of fur. Your preparedness will determine whether that life is safe, fun, and memorable… or not.
by James Keldsen

What Labs Are Saying…
A photo essay
… about their ˵kids.˶

Labrador + Lessons + Love = Truth
Education: check. Career: check. Homeowner: check. Sense of humor: check. Time for a dog..
by Mary Burns

Capturing the Soul
Some prolific Lab artists share their secrets to getting a portrait just right.

Going to the Line
Cade was tractable and steady, but there was always a vague sense that he was just on the verge of hurtling off into space…
by Marcia Butikas

Arthritis Alternatives
There are other methods besides medication for easing arthritis.
by Valerie Wolf

In Their Debt
by Don Thomas
Service at sea.

Citizen Lab
by Amy Dahl
I trained with treats, and now my Lab wonˊt do anything unless Iˊm holding one… help!

Why Labs Do That
by Tom Davis
Sink your teeth into this!

The Vet Clinic
by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
The creepy crawlies.

Just Labs – Just for Kids
by Jake Smith and Tom Goldsmith
The second phase of teaching the ˵kennel˶ command.

“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

The World According to Junior
by Junior Watson
Puppies are great for a lot of reasons. Mostly, though, theyˊre fun to blame stuff on.

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