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Volume 5 No.5
January/February 2006

‘Jor Gonna Love It by Julie Botteri
If your Lab constantly pulls you around when you go for  a walk, maybe he’s trying to tell you something!

The Scattering Labs of ScatterGun Lodge by Jason Smith
The Labs at ScatterGun Lodge in South Dakota have the best of both worlds – and brighten two families in the process.

Labs Without Color A Photo Essay
Subtract the black, yellow or chocolate color and what do you have? You still have a Lab.

Seven Secrets to Getting the Most From Your Vet by Anna O’Brien
Make the most of your visit

Your Questions Answered
Our website’s discussion board is the perfect place to post your questions!
We directed several to our writers.

Give Me Shelter by Karen Edwards & Marguerite Marsh
What to ask yourself before you adopt a Lab, and what to expect after you do.

House Labs by Donnall Thomas Jr.
Life indoors

In Their Debt by Janice Arenofsky
Globe-trotting service dogs.

Just Labs – Just for Kids by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith
The second phase of teaching the “heel” command.

Citizen Lab by Amy Dahl
What does a Lab want?

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis

The Vets Clinic by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
Lumps, bumps and tumors.


“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

Always On Time by Gerry Bernard Sheridan
We always took it for granted that Daisy was just a very smart dog.

In Tribute

Subscriber Photos

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson
Junior’s world changes forever.

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