November / December 2005


Day Trippinˊ
A dog daycare center might be just the thing that you – and your Lab – are looking for.
by Karen Edwards & Marguerite Marsh

Sugar Disease
Whatˊs going on, symptoms, and treatments of diabetes.
by Dr. Ben Character

Gone to the Dogs
I don’t have an empty house, I have a dog.

Still Being Bad
A photo essay
(Sigh…) Nothing’s changed.

Training Roundtable
Tackling another round of questions about reward and discipline.

Putting Obedience to the Test
Hitting the ring for an obedience title.
by James Keldsen

In Their Debt
by Nat Almirall
Snowbound hound: a specialized form of search-and-rescue.

Citizen Lab
by Amy Dahl
What to ask a breeder.

Why Labs Do That
by Tom Davis
Eternally playful.

The Vet Clinic
by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
A mouthful of ouch.

Just Labs – Just for Kids
by Jake Smith and Tom Goldsmith
The ˵heel˶ command is necessary if you ever want to take your dog for a walk.

“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

The World According to Junior
by Junior Watson
What Iˊm thankful for.

Subscriber Photos

Above & Beyond
by Candy Hannigan

In Tribute
by Diane Griffin

Sorta Stupid Lab Tricks
Ring-ring! Time to go outside!


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