May / June 2005


“Lost Dog”
This isn’t your typical lost dog story.
by Jason Smith

A photo essay
The many poses of comfort.

The Wide Open Road
Preparing for the adventures of vacationing with your Lab.
by Barbara Theisen

Watching the Thermostat
Itˊs getting to be that time of year for fun in the sun – but too much can be dangerous.
by Dr. Ben Character

It’s Time for Puppy Kindergarden
Specialized group training sessions are a great way to kick-start your pupˊs training.
by William Vickers

Training Tround Table: Jumping
Our first roundtable discussion tackles the topic of a Lab who just needs to have his paws on you.
by Amy Dahl, James Keldsen, & Vickie Lamb

2004 Just Labs Essay Contest Winner & Runners-U

In Their Debt
by Laurie Morrow
Revisiting one of the nationˊs most dedicated service dog providers.

Citizen Lab
by Amy Dahl
Labs are different.

Why Labs Do That
by Tom Davis
Why are Labs so trainable?

The Vet Clinic
by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
When the body slows down.

Just Labs – Just for Kids
by Jake Smith and Tom Goldsmith
Time for your training on basic training.

“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

The World According to Junior
by Junior Watson
Spring fever.

Subscriber Photos

Sort of Stupid Lab Tricks
by Sage Mountainfire

Just Labs Seal of Approval
by Winston Morrow

Above & Beyond
by Judy Roberts

In Tribute

Just How It Is
by Laurie Morrow

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