Your Lab In Pixels
by Michael McCatty 
Digital photography is here to stay. Graphic designer Michael McCatty offers some helpful tips on digitizing your dog, from resolution to megapixel to dpi to desktop wallpaper.

The “Tail” of the Lost Wag
by Dr. Ben J. Character 
You can pretty much tell what a dog’s thinking by its tail.
So what’s happened when a normally happy-go-lucky Labrador suddenly stops wagging?

Lab History 101 A Time Line Photo Essay 

Charting the course of America’s most popular breed.

Flying Low, Flying Fast by James Keldsen 
When a game combines speed and fetching, it’s no wonder Labs love it!

Labs Shine in the ESPN
Great Outdoor Games A Photo Essay 
Be sure to tune in this July!

Desensitization by Anna O’Brien 
A training approach for well-rounded puppies.

2003 Just Labs Essay Contest Runners-up 


Just Labs – Just for Kids by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith 
It’s summer vacation, and a Lab just doesn’t want to stay home.

In Their Debt by Joan Froling 
A dog that works magic.

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis 
The point of the point.

Citizen Lab by Amy Dahl 
Stay means stay!

The Vet Clinic by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson 
Step inside a small animal veterinary clinic for a typical day.


“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners 

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson 
Parties, and Alpha dogs, and the truth about the furniture.

Just Labs Seal of Approval
by Winston Morrow 

In Tribute by Kay Durant 

Subscriber Photos 

Cute Creative Captions 

Just How It Is   by Laurie Morrow 


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