Vol. 4 No. 1
May/June 2004


6 Steps to Water Safety by Anna O’Brien 
A Lab and water is a match made in Heaven. But you’ll have to watch for their safety, because they won’t.

Water and Ears Just Don’t Mix by Dr. Ben J. Character 
Helping fight those nasty, smelly, wet ear problems.

Those Rascally Labs A Photo Essay 
Monsters of mischief caught again.

A Green Paw by Karen Edwards 
For most people, gardening is a favorite hobby right behind tossing the tennis ball for your Lab. But gardens aren’t always the most friendly to our best friend.

Greetings From Camp!
A Photo Essay by Jean M. Fogle 
Is it time you explored a little summer vacation with your pooch at dog camp?

Taking the “Lap” Out of the “Victory Lap”
by Jason Smith 
Sometimes the game of “catch me if you can” can get a little old.
With a little persistence, you can get your Lab to deliver whatever it is
you’re playing with the same way every time.

Just Labs 2003 Essay Contest Winners  

They’re Not All Like That by Steve Smith 
Defying the stereotype.


Just Labs – Just for Kids by Tom Goldsmith 
All dogs love to be treated with respect.

In Their Debt by Shelley Bueche and Kaki Almirall 
Faced with reading difficulties – or plain shyness –
kids are finding it easier to entertain a Lab

Citizen Lab by Amy Dahl 
Even the most water-loving dog breed must be introduced to the lake properly.

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis 
The thrill of the chase.

The Vet Clinic by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson 
Inside liver disease.


“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners 

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson 
Inside information from the country’s most politically savvy Labrador.

Just Labs Seal of Approval
by Winston Morrow 

In Tribute by Steven D. Moore 

Subscriber Photos 

Just How It Is   by Laurie Morrow 


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