Born to… Fish? by Don Thomas 
The blood of their ancestors still courses through some of these great dogs.

A Time to Heal by Patricia Saul 
Helping your child cope with the loss of a Lab.

Those Funny, Frozen Faces A Photo Essay 
Frolicking in a winter wonderland.

The Air In There by Dr. Ben Character 
For many dog enthusiasts, bloat is a dreaded word.

Using Electronic Collars by Steve Smith 
The experiences of a convert.

Polishing Your Lab’s
Training Vocabulary by Jason Smith 
Adding a couple commands to make a truly well-mannered retriever.

A Second Chance by Mary McKinnon 
Is a Lab from a rescue organization right for you?


Just Labs – Just for Kids by Tom Goldsmith 
They may have a fur coat, but the winter can be a dangerous time for your Lab.

In Their Debt by Shelley Bueche 
Inside the duties of a psychiatric service dog.

Citizen Lab by Amy Dahl 
If your Lab is afraid of the rumbling outside, there are some concrete steps you can take to help him or her through the storm.

The Vet Clinic by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson 
Grooming tips from the pet health care professionals.

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis 
The yips and woofs and twitches of slumber.


“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners 

Midlife Crisis by Josh Stafford 
Reflections on a little gray hair.

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson 
Junior to the rescue.

In Tribute by Kristen Ohliger 

Subscriber Photos 

Just Labs Seal of Approval
by Winston Morrow 

Cute Creative Captions 

Just How It Is   by Laurie Morrow 

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