Vol. 2 No. 1
May/June 2002

Taming the Trails by Jason Smith
Nothing beats striking off into the wilderness with your buddy beside you. Here are some things to make the tip a little easier.

It’s Whelping Time! Now What? by James Kelson
Nature has, um, taken its course and now it’s time to deal with the birth and whelping of pups.

Just Labs 2001 Essay Contest Winner!
The Most Popular Photos from Just Labs (the book)
A Photo Essay by Dale C. Spartas
In this, our first anniversary issue, we celebrate some of the work form the book that spawned the magazine.

The Labs of Ackergrill A Photo Essay by Laurie Morrow
A family of Labs rules a castle on Scotland’s north shore.

Basic Training: No! by Charles Jurney
Some tips on making the word stick.

A Cure to Nuisance Barking by Stephen C. Rafe
Some Labs just seem to like the sound of their own voice. But when it becomes a nuisance, here’s a cure.

Yearning to Breathe Free by Dianne Walsh
One Lab’s struggle with laryngeal paralysis


Just Labs – Just for Kids by Jake Smith and Tom Goldsmith
Hey kids – let Timmy tell you all about those “professional working” Labs known as “service dogs.”

In Their Debt by Marcia Logan
Helping service dogs get started on the right paw.

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis
Labs have a wonderful reputation as being friendly with strangers – well, most strangers.

The Vet Clinic by Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
Dealing with the aches and pains that plague our athletic Labs.

Citizen Lab by Amy and John Dahl
Training amid distractions is the best way to make sure your Lab is reliable under any circumstance.


“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

Product Review by Steve Smith
A Dog Anchor

In Tribute by John and Debbie Pauley

Subscriber Photos

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson
Meet one of the world’s great car riders.

Winston Canine Cancer Foundation Established by Mindy Richards

Above and Beyond by Ed Schroeder
Bubba stands down danger.

Just How It Is by Laurie Morrow

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