January/February 2016
Volume 15 • Number 5

Dueling Dogs
A high-energy canine aquatic competition.
by Jillian LaCross

Health Tech Apps & Devices
For health and safety.
by Cindy Howle

In Their Debt
Atti’s Eats Pet Food Pantry.
by Shelley Bueche

In Tribute

White balance.
by Chip Laughton

A Trip to the Vet
by Tom Goldsmith

The Moon and the Snow
Ritual and reflection after the holidays.
by Jason Smith

Subscriber Photos

Citizen Lab
Five months.
by Amy Dahl

Sounds of the Season
A photo essay.

Why Labs Do That
Under pressure.
by Tom Davis

Puppy Power
Training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center.
by Jen Reeder

The Vet Clinic
Red urine.
by Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
Why I like Grampa.
by Junior Watson

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