November/December 2014
Volume 14 • Number 4

Stressed Labs
Triggers, signs, treatment, prevention.
by Karen Edwards

The Labrador Rainbow
A photo essay.

In Their Debt
Combating challenges.
by Shelley Bueche

Helping Holiday portraits pop.
by Chip Laughton

Tomorrow’s Leaders
Fostering Mom.
by Jason Smith

Subscriber Photos

Citizen Lab
Fast eaters, hidden hazards, and puppy traits.
by Amy Dahl

Just Labs – Just For Kids
Create your own Holiday card!
by Tom Goldsmith

The Middle (or the End)
Bringing an older Lab home.
by Jillian LaCross

Why Labs Do That
A complex emotion.
by Tom Davis

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

In Tribute

The Vet Clinic
Neutering differences by breed?
by Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
Fun at The Vet.
by Junior Watson

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