May/June 2014
Volume 14 • Number 1

A Tail About a Dream, Peyton,
& His Trainer Tammy
A new Labrador star on NBC.
by Alanna Garavaglia

Canine Crime Solvers
Arson dogs put the collar on criminals.
by Jen Reeder

“House” Training
An education without stepping outside.
by Don Thomas

In Their Debt
Pals at the Dallas Zoo.
by Shelley Bueche

Windows to the summer sol.
by Chip Laughton

Subscriber Photos

Citizen Lab
Expectations and predictability.
by Amy Dahl

Just Labs – Just For Kids
A party drawing lesson.
by Tom Goldsmith

Beach Fun, Beach Safety
A fun place with hidden dangers.
by Mercedes Tabano II

In Tribute

Why Labs Do That
Hard-wired empathy.
by Tom Davis

A Toast
A Photo Essay.

The Vet Clinic
A beast of a different kind.
by Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
Junior learns about technology.
by Junior Watson

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