Vol. 13 No. 1
May/June 2013

“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

While the Folks are Away
A photo essay.
Photos by Chip Laughton

Get Started in Agility
A fast-growing dog sport.
by Kathryn Schneider

Smart phone cameras.
by Chip Laughton

Citizen Lab
Selective hearing, reinforcement, obedience class.
by Amy Dahl

Subscriber Photos

In Their Debt
Mentoring dogs for future service.
by Shelley Bueche

Get a Dog
Pups make for great practice.
by Steve Smith

Health Insurance Explained
Look into it before problems arise.
by Shelley Wenger

Why is My Lab Going Bald?
Causes and treatments.
by Tammie Painter

Just Labs – Just For Kids
Garden dangers.
by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith

In Tribute

Why Labs Do That
There are lots of reasons.
by Tom Davis

3 Manners to Teach Your Lab
Inspired by what we teach our kids.
by Sue Alexander

The Vet Clinic
Little parts, big problems.
by Dr. Ben J. Character, DVM

The World According to Junior
The mind power we possess.

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