Vol. 12 No. 05
Jan-Feb 2013


“Find the Tennis Ball” Winners

I Resolve…
Training ideas for the New Year.
by Jason Smith

Direction of light.
by Chip Laughton

Green Labs
There’s one more standard color.
by Steve Smith

In Tribute

Too Many Treats?
Those calories can really add up.
by Kimberly Button

Citizen Lab
Hackles, soft dogs, and tug-of-war.
by Amy Dahl

Subscriber Photos

In Their Debt
Dogs with odd jobs.
by Shelley Bueche

The BBS Says…!
My Lab’s best friend is…

A Pup’s First Adventure…
A Photo Essay
Photos by Mike Leahy

Just Labs – Just For Kids
What resolutions can you make with
your Lab for 2013?
by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith

Why Labs Do That
Mail call.
by Tom Davis

Animal Hospice Enriches Human-Pet Bond
An option for end of life care.
by Cynthia Bombach Helzel

The Vet Clinic
A pain in the neck.
by Dr. Ben J. Character, DVM

The World According to Junior
There’s nothing like Thanksgiving.
by Junior Watson

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