Vol. 12 No. 01
May-Jun 2012


Summertime Lameness
Cranial cruciate ligament rupture.
by Peter Lotsikas, DVM

Playground Duty
A training space is closer than you think.
by Butch Goodwin

Lab-Friendly Getaways
Vacation spots you both can enjoy.
by Kimberly Button

In Their Debt
Stories of remarkable retrievers.
by Shelley Bueche

The BBS Says…!
An ordinary item that my Lab is deathly afraid of…

Horizontal versus vertical.
by Chip Laughton

Subscriber Photos

Citizen Lab
What does a Lab need to be happy?
by Amy Dahl

Just Labs – Just For Kids
Teach your Lab this classic trick!
by Jake Smith & Tom Goldsmith

It’s All About Al(pha)… or Is It?
Establishing who gets to call the shots.
by Steve Smith

In Tribute

Why Labs Do That
To please.
by Tom Davis

Stamps of Honor
Working dogs recognized by U.S. Postal Service.
by Jill Swan

What the Pros Know
by Linda Rehkopf

The Vet Clinic
Ticked off.
by Dr. Ben J. Character

The World According to Junior
They say we don’t grow up…
by Junior Watson

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