Vol 1. No. 4
November December 2001

A Christmas story by Steve Smith
What would the holidays be without a houseful of Labs?

Ready for Rubble by Sandra Kay Miller

Search and rescue Labradors from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation on the front lines in New York City.

The Realities of Breeding by Kathleen Slettern
Thinking about breeding your Lab? It’s not something to enter into lightly.

Mirror, Mirror… by Vickie Lamb
The wonderful Labrador personality is always there, from nose to tail. But between the nese and tail, the shapes can vary.

Basic Training: Heel! by Charles Jurney
Advice on making sure a walk in the park is, well, a walk in the park.

Un-Oh… Caught in the Act
A photo Essay
Nabbed red-pawed, these hooligans display the mischief that is the only string attached.

Ladies and Gentlemen by Don Thomas
Vive la difference.

Body Language: Avoiding the Avoidance by Butch Goodwin
Sometimes the best way not to have to deal with avoidance behaviors is to be sure they don’t crop up in the first place.

In Thier Debt by Deborah Ross
Bringing a little sunshine

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis
Mentioning the Unmentionable.

Citizen Lab by Amy and John Dahl
Using positive reinforcement with your Lab can lead to rapid learning and good retention of the lessons.

The Vet Clinic by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
Some tips on Lab proofing your home.

Just Labs – Just for Kids by Jake Smith and Tom Goldsmith
Keeping your Lab safe at home.


Tennis Balls
A little tune for the holidays.

Reader Survey Results
You know who you are – and now, so do we!

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson
Holidays with the Panther

Subscriber Photos

Auto Review by Winston Morrow
The Audi Allroad Quattro Wagon.

Just how It Is by Laurie Morrow
911 hits close to home.



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