Vol. 1 No.3
September October 2001


Genetics of Color in Labradors by Amy Dahl
Learning about their trademark colors

Gone Fishin’
A Photo Essay
If it involves water and being with you, a Lab is always underfoot.

When It’s Time by Steve Smith
“The price we pay for a priceless experience.”

To Board Or Not to Board by James Keldsen
Labs love to travel, but sometimes they have to stay behind. Make sure they are in good hands.

Basic Training to Sit!
Instruction in perhaps the most oft-used command.

The 2001 Halloween Costume Contest
The results are in and the votes have been tabulated. It was a close race, but the winner is …

Back to School
A Photo Essay
The summer has ended, and a Lab’s best friend, alas, must leave for the day. For a Lab, all therm is to do now is wait.

Lost and Found Part 2
Frequently asked question about getting your Lab tattooed.

Body Language: I still don’t want to do this!
Debunking some more canine body language.



In Their Debt by Laurie Morrow
Lending a helping paw.

Why Labs Do That by Tom Davis
Why do Labs tear into their dinner like it’s their last meal?

Citizen Lab by Amy and John Dahl
Some Labs might need a little help living up to the “retriever” part of their name.

Just Labs – Just for Kids by Jake Smith and Tom Goldsmith
Hey kids! Timmy is here along with Roxie, Josie, and Duke to teach you all about Labrador retrievers! In this issue, learn about the three colors of Labs.

The Vet Clinic by Dr. Jill Hyland Ayres & Dr. Rose Davidson
Perhaps nothing is more redundant than “hungry Lab.” The vets offer some tips for chow time.

The World According to Junior by Junior Watson
A little treat for my Halloween.

In Tribute

Auto Review by Winston Morrow
The Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Super Crew Truck

Subscriber Photos

Product Review by Steve Smith

The Orvis Therapeutic Dog Nest and Snuggle Safe Heater
Just How It Is by Laurie Morrow

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